The Wallfill Company

Wallfill Building began in 1928. This photo is of a
Model A Ford and was taken on a jobsite in Warrenville.

Since 1928

A Unique History


“In an era where quality of workmanship in America is being constantly attacked and where claims of craftsmanship has been lost, it’s a real pleasure to experience a situation which dispels those claims.”
Warren Bengston
Wheaton, IL

“I would like to compliment you on employees who consider it their responsibility to do good work Very refreshing.”
Warren Samuel
Elmhurst, IL



For the past 75 years Wallfill has established a reputation for quality that is acknowledged and appreciated by customers like these.

The Wallfill Company began in 1928 as a dream in the mind of Jack Burt and his two associates, Louis Bowser and Vera Grote. They wanted to start a company to “fill” the walls and ceilings in homes by blowing insulation into them, hence the name “Wallfill.”

Jack, along with his father, H.J. Burt, a civil and structural engineer, put together a machine to blow small Rock Wool particles into walls and ceilings, a method that is still considered today to be one of the best.

In 1948, Wallfill completed its first aluminum siding job, expanding the company’s services. Throughout the 1950’s Wallfill installed aluminum and asbestos siding on many homes throughout the DuPage area, many of which are still servicing their owners to this day.

In the 60’s Wallfill expanded its market again by selling storm windows, doors, and replacement windows. During this time, Jack’s younger brother Morrie, who had been active in the business since 1935, bought out the majority of the Wallfill stock. Morrie Burt is largely responsible for the reputation for quality and integrity that is associated with Wallfill today.

In 1980 Morrie Burt’s grandson joined Wallfill management, the fourth generation of this family to be involved in Wallfill. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, he is continuing the tradition of excellence that his family began 75 years ago.